Do any exercise you want and place the JimFIT sensors anywhere


Connect the sensors easily via Bluetooth Low Energy


Evaluate your body motion in our desktop and smartphone JimFIT Studio app

Practice make perfect. Interested in the revolution of consumer Body Motion Capture?

Full Body Motion Capture made accessible.

JimFIT is a wearable sensor system for Full Body Motion Capture. JimFIT is completely wireless, portable and adaptive. The system adapts to your needs, because you can place our wearable sensors on every moving limb of the human body and in that way you are able to measure the exact movement you like.

JimFIT is priced thousands of dollars less than other mocap systems, with the same capabilities. Because it is completely wireless, you have no constraints of cables during your exercises.

JimFIT PhysioTech©

Our JimFIT PhysioTech© Software is created for and by Physiotherapists to give to patient the possibility to rehabilitate faster, easier and better. The patient gets a smartphone app where the patient can see the exercises it needs to perform each day. When using the JimFIT sensors, the patient gets real-time feedback about the performance of the exercise. The physiotherapist can change the exercises at a distance.


Design of the JimFIT sensors

The JimFIT sensors are designed to be durable and high-quality. We included a battery that lasts for over 7 hours. The hardware is designed in cooperation with engineers and designers in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Technical specs

We only use the best inertial motion sensors available on the market. It consists of a gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer.


Other JimFIT Applications

Our JimFIT studio software offers a great way to analyse Body Motion. JimFIT could be used in a broad variety of fields, such as
Sports science
Biomechanics research
Physiotherapy/physical rehabilitation
Performance art
Real-time avatar animation for VR
3D character animation

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We offer support for developers who need accurate data measurements. Our software is open-source, and every developer can get access to our software. Contact our developing team to check what is possible for you.

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